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What should I wash my boat with?

SRD20's Pink Soap (boat wash) is the perfect premium product that is non-toxic and safe for your boat, paint job, and you! Plus, it will leave a dazzling finish on your watercraft, looking bright, shiny, and new.  Safely and quickly removes scum, grime, and dirt without stripping wax protection.  This cleaning product contains a high-sudsing formula for a shiny finish.

Can you use dish soap to wash a boat?

Dish soap is not designed for use on boats and can damage the boat's gel coat surface. Dish soap can be very harsh and strip away any wax or protective coatings that may have been applied to the boat. It is best to avoid using dish soap when washing your boat unless you want to strip the protection before applying a new coat.

Why PH-Neutral formula?

Our slogan, "It shouldn't be hard work," is not evident in certain products, so why would our soap make work easier?  We look at boat maintenance from a fifty-thousand-foot level instead of individually specific tasks.  When cleaning your boat, a harsh cleaner may work faster at removing contaminants. Yet, harsh cleaners will generally remove or lessen the durability of the protective coating you may have on your boat, exposing microscopic holes and crevices.  The surface will be more susceptible to contaminants, and oxidation, making the next cleaning task even more time-consuming. 

 Our biodegradable boat wash is PH-neutral and safe for your boat, jet ski, or pontoon, meaning it will gently clean and not strip your wax protection. The next time you clean your boat, it will be easier and faster, as fewer contaminants will stick to the surface under regular use. SRD20 boat wash uses a blend of gentle surfactants to emulsify the soils. The agitation process will remove the contaminants and break them free from the surface, allowing the rinse water to carry them, leaving your boat clean and ready to protect.

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How to use SRD20 Wash or Wash and Wax

A foam cannon is optional, but we recommend it, especially on boats used in saltwater or very dirty boats. There are foam cannons that you can connect directly to a hose or ones that need to be used with a pressure washer; either way, they allow for better coverage and longer dwell time and helps the wash penetrate deep. This allows for a deep clean without excessive "elbow grease" or harsh chemicals. 

When using the wash bucket method, pour the recommended amount of SRD20 Pink Soap into a clean wash pail, and top it with pressurized water to dissolve and create a rich foam. Keep the foam from flowing out of your bucket.  We recommend using a grit guard or bucket grate in your bucket or pail.

Foam cannons generally have their specific directions, and we suggest following those.  Because of the concentrated formula, ensure that the Boat Wash is dissolved using either a Foam Cannon or Bucket method.

What is the best way to wash a boat?

The best way to wash a boat begins with using a gentle PH-Neutral soap designed for boats. These soaps are designed to clean the boat without damaging the finish. In addition, they can contain waxes or other protective coatings that can help keep the boat looking new.

For best results, we suggest rinsing your watercraft thoroughly to help remove the loose pieces of debris and grime; it's time to start tackling the more ingrained dirt on the boat's surface.

Apply a premium product boat wash or SRD20 Pink Soap with a foam cannon, then use the bucket method with half of the recommended amount of Boat wash; the concentrated formula from both the foam cannon and bucket will provide plenty of salt spray, fish blood, and dirt removing properties with long-lasting sudsing action. Follow the directions below:

Start washing your Boat from the top with a wet wash mitt, mop, or soft brush to agitate and break up stubborn grime.  Dunk into wash bucket frequently, ensuring to get any containments off of mitt, mop, or soft brush.

Immediately rinse thoroughly with water to remove loose dirt, grime, and filth, and wipe dry with a clean, soft microfiber towel. Wash is best used on a cool surface out of direct sunlight, yet if this can’t be avoided, work on smaller areas and rinse often.  Do not let the wash dry on the surface to avoid streaking or water spots.

SRD20 Boat Wash Products

SRD20 Pink Boat Soap 16oz and 64ozSRD20 Pink Soap contains a concentrated formula, generally requiring no more than one ounce, making them cost-effective. This formula will not strip wax. This formula is excellent for use on plastic, vinyl, gel coat, glass, metal, or painted surfaces; will work as your everyday boat soap.  This product is a boat owners, must-have for their boat cleaning supplies.


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