Expanded How to Use Directios

SRD20 Waterless Wash and Wax

    This product is straightforward to use; Shake well, then start with a clean microfiber towel, spray the product liberally on the area to be cleaned and protected, and wipe in one direction with the microfiber; most dirt and debris will be transferred to the microfiber towel, flip to a clean section of the microfiber towel and buff dry.  This product does leave a layer of protection, equal to most competitive spray waxes and can be layered over our Graphene Spray Protectant.  For longer-lasting Protection, use SRD20 Graphene spray protection.

    How to use the SRD20 Boat cleaning and wax for boat, boat detail product

       SRD20 Pink Soap

      All soaps including SRD20 Pink Soap will work better if you give them time to dwell on the surface you want to clean.  We recommend using a foam cannon (hose or pressure washer).  This helps cover the surface thoroughly, which starts loosening of debris and breaking down contaminants.  Then, pour just a couple of ounces in a bucket and add several gallons of water.  Dip your brush, sponge, etc, in the soap-filled bucket often. Work from top to bottom. on whatever you are washing and rinse prior to soap drying.  If the water in the bucket becomes heavily soiled, discard it and start anew.  


      How to use SRD20 Pink soap


      SRD20 Graphene Spray Protectant

      Graphene Spray Protectant should be your base layer of protection.  Applying our Graphene Spray Protectant is an easy way to protect and enhance the appearance of your watercraft. People are often concerned about how to apply this product, It's effortless to apply, which is why we like it so much.
      APPLICATION: Make sure to shake the formula thoroughly so that none of the graphene is settled at the bottom of the bottle. Shake often during use. Spray an applicator pad or folded microfiber, then mist the area to be protected and spread evenly, ensuring complete coverage. Only a thin layer is necessary.  Work in approximately three-foot square areas or smaller. Let the product set for a minute or two, then wipe the excess off with a clean microfiber.
      ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: To get the best durability out of this formula, apply it to a clean, dry, wax (protection) free surface while in the shade.  This protectant is only as durable as what is underneath it.   After application, give the product at least four hours to cure before exposing it to environmental factors. With that said, don't sweat it if those conditions can't be met; you will still get a layer of protection (maybe less durable), and having some protection, even if it doesn't last a long time, is better than having no protection. Attempt to have at least a clean surface to apply the protectant.  If you are in the sun, it will dry/cure faster than in the shade; be sure to spray, spread, and wipe excess off much quicker than in the shade. Application on a wet surface will dilute the formula, and its protection will not last as long. It can be applied to Gelcoat, fiberglass, paint, plastic, glass, and metal.


      SRD20 Vinyl Protectant

      The surface to be enhanced and protected should be clean.,  Apply the product with a clean folded microfiber towel, soft bristle brush or applicator pad. Work the product into the area to be enhanced and protected evenly.  Let the product dwell and penetrate the surface, wipe off any excess after a few minutes.  If you would like to reduce the shine, after letting the product dwell and penetrate, wipe with a damp cloth.