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Waterless Wash and Wax

Our discussion will involve Spray type of waterless wash and wax products "Spray it on and wipe it off with clean microfiber towels."   These products are formulated and Ideal for times when you do not have access to or desire to use a water supply and want wax protection.

What is waterless wash and wax?

A waterless wash and wax is an actual solution that allows you to clean and protect your boat, jet ski, or other watercraft with a swipe of cloth and then dry it with a clean cloth and doesn't require the use of water. 

The solution typically contains a surfactant (detergent), lubricant, and Carnauba wax and is offered in a spray bottle.  Lubricating polymers act as a substitute for water and encapsulate loose dirt and soils, then draw them into your microfiber cloth to avoid scratches and swirls. In the SRD20 Waterless Wash and Wax, a Si02-infused polymer sealant is the wax component for added durability needed for watercraft.  

Si02 and Polymer sealants have proven to provide additional durability over just Carnauba in protecting your watercraft from the elements.  These can be a bit pricey yet generally outlast carnauba.

Are waterless wash and waxes any good?

To be an effective waterless wash and wax, a product's components must remove dirt and grime while leaving a protective wax coating on the boat's surface. The cleanser must be extremely lubricious, and when used as directed, it must protect the surface from swirling and scratching while still cleaning.  

High-Quality formulations generally contain advanced polymer chemistry that can safely lift dirt particles, transferring them to your cloth and leaving behind a glossy, protective layer of hydrophobic wax.  These products have limitations and should be used on dusty surfaces, not necessarily on heavily soiled or dirty vehicles. 

These products can work great for cleaning your hatches, compartments, and dash panels.

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When should you use a waterless wash?

These products will be an option if there are only a few stains, little dust or pollen on your boat, or other minor issues. They can be used in places with water restrictions, or you don't want to use flowing water or soap, such as inside hatches, compartments, or door seals. This method is perfect for small jobs or in a hurry.

Swipe your finger in an inconspicuous area to know if a waterless wash is a viable cleaning method. If the area swiped is left clean, a waterless wash should be a safe and feasible option.

What is the difference between a quick detailer and a waterless wash?

Detail products labeled as "Detailers" or Quick detailers may provide a shiny finish but generally do not contain cleaning agents, special lubricants, or emulsifying agents, that gently wash. A waterless wash will reveal the surface's potential for being cleaner.

When "detailers" are used on a dirty surface, they may leave a scratched, drab, and dirty appearance. 

Waterless Wash and Wax used as a Detailer?

Waterless wash and wax products are the "new wave" of fast detailers because it offers more options in a single bottle.  They may be used to clean light dirt, dust, and pollen from your dusty watercraft. Cleaning solutions offer a scratch-free finish that can be used to wash and add extra protection with a synthetic wax barrier.  A quick wipe with a high-quality microfiber towel is all that is needed.

Both Detailer and Waterless Wash and Wax products include gloss enhancers to make the paint's surface appear more fluid and glossy. Yet, Detailers generally may not add a lasting protective "just waxed finish."

Do waterless washes scratch?

Even the ultimate waterless wash wax formulas have limitations and should not be used to clean a heavily soiled surface.  Waterless washes generally have the unique chemistry of lubricants and cleaning agents that safely loosen and gently remove dirt, transferring them to your dry cloth.  A microfiber towel should then be oriented to a clean portion, or use a separate clean microfiber towel to buff dry.   You will generally use a few microfiber towels.

If you use a high-quality lubricious product like SRD20 Waterless wash and wax and follow the directions, your surface will not be scratched.  Remember to spray the product liberally, covering all areas to clean with the waterless solution to encapsulate the dirt and add lubricity to the surface.

What about the Wax?

These two-in-one products, while saving you time and money, are effective at making your boat or jet ski seem brand new and preserving the paint or gel coat as a protectant.  They may not be a complete replacement for a good wax, though. If you want the best protection for your boat, we’d suggest applying high-quality products such as our new formula-SRD20 Graphene Spray Protectant.

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